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Septembre 2005

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Le tour des cadrans de New-York

New-York City Sundials Tour

Ce mois-ci, grâce à mon meilleur reporter photographe, voici une belle gallerie des cadrans plutôt originaux de New-York et une fois n'est pas coutume, avec uniquement des commentaires Anglais.
This Month, thanks to my best reporter and sundial disciple: Benjamin Lainé, here is a gallery of New-York city sundials, you can click on to get larger pictures. The (# numbers) are the NASS register references.

Columbia University (#215)

An very original sundial made in 1910.

There was a dark green granite sphere on the pedestal which has disappeared.

Latin inscription "Horam Expecta Veniet"
or "Await, the hour will come"

Columbia University

Camp Columbia sundial dedicated to the memory of Dean Wesley J. Hennessy
Made by Hewitt Crosby in 1933

An cylindrical used as an equatorial (no special indication depending on the Month as for the INSA sundial)
An engraved EOT (Equation Of Time), useful here according to the precision of the table (2.5 minutes).

But unfortunately, the sundial was in the shadow of the tent the day of the photo

90th street (#140)- "the song to the sun"

A high equatorial in Bronze made by Robert Adzema in 1984.

A gift of Annette and George Murphy Center.
Another engraved EOT (Equation Of Time), not as useful here, because it is not easy to read the time with precision (it is too high)

Sutton place - an armillary (#248)

A Bronze armillary with an golden arrow as gnomon.
Seems it has been recently restored

Central park - a roman Sundial (#250)

As classical Roman or Greek sundials, the gnomon is horizontal and shows temporal hours (12 heures every day of the year).

According to Nass register the gnomon has been vandalised, but it seems here that it has been restored.

Central Park Shakespeare Garden- a horizontal (#249)

The gnomon is not straight, but it's not sure that it was a correction for the EOT (Equation Of Time), but may be some one who tried to get it.

West End Collegial Church- a West declining vertical (#245)

The gnomon is not perpendicular to the wall because the wall is not South oriented (West declining)

Harlem R Morris Park - a lost sundial in a maze

Benjamin Lainé, the reporter in the maze near the lost sundial
(don't miss his website, sorry only in French)

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