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Original Sundials - April 2024

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cadran sculpture

Inclined cone in Belgium

International Prize 2005
46 CDs Sundial

International Prize 2009
Sundial without sun !

International prize 2007
Tide Sundial

" This small website can interest people who are themselves interested in human brain progress "
Camille Flammarion introduction to  "Copernic World System"

International Prize 2022
Simpliest Sundial

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"Original Sundials"
near Rennes in Brittany,
Europe and the world.

The new sundial of the month
sometimes impossible :
  no style, no shadow ombre, no sun
or even  for blind people

My own original creations
in Bruz  France
Visit my garden and my
sun vegetables garden

with explanations for
time reading
sundials design
and useful softwares

cadran halles Paris

cadran solaire nouvelle Zélande
Here is my favorite one
It's a sundial
with 2 videos

First sundial of the Month
October 2004
Halles Paris, Optical fibers

My white bird
Enigma 1


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"sundial" in some other countries:

Sonwyser                Afrikaans
Sonnenuhr             German 
sa'a shamsiyya            Arabian
Eguzki-erloju            Basque
horolaj heol           Breton
slanchev chasovnik    Bulgarian
Rellotge de sol            Catalan
ri gui                        Chinese
Slnecne hodiny      Czech
solur                        Danish
reloj de sol / cuadrante solar     Spanish
Sunhorlogho             Esperanto
päikesekell             Estonian

Horologium solarium, Zunnewiezer
aurinkokello            Finnish
Heliako roloi / Heliako oroloio        Greek modern
SKIATHIRON              ancient Greek
dhupghadi             Hindi
zonnewijzer         Dutch
napóra             Hungarian
Meridian             Indonesian
meridiana/ Orologio solare   Italian
hidokei             Japanese
haesigye             Korean
Eura da Suredl     Ladin
saules pulkstenis    Latvian
saules laikrodis        Lithuanian
jam matahari        Malaysian
solskive / solur        Norwegian
sA'ate AftAbiy/sA'ate churschiydiy        Persian
Zegary sloneczny   Polish
relógio de sol /quadrante solar    Portugal
Sulagl                     Rhaeto-Romanic
Cadran solar            Romanian
solnecnye casy            Russian
solur,solvisare             Swedish
suriya kadiharam        Tamil
günes saati               Turc  
cwadran solaire          Wallon
suncani sat               Yugoslavian